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Oral Bagrut Exam
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Bagrut Assessment


Oral Bagrut Exam

The Oral Bagrut Exam has 2 parts:

Interview - 40 points

Project Presentation - 60 points

Oral Bagrut Exam
Possible Interview Questions

1. Tell me about yourself (your name, age, where you were born, where you live)

2. Tell me about your family and what they do.

3. Tell me about your school, your class, your trend.

4. What is your favorite subject? Why do you like it?

5. Tell me about your hobbies at present and in the past.

6. What are your plans for the future?

7. What are you going to do or what would you like to do during your military service?

8. Tell me about a book you’ve read- a film or play you have seen. Did you like it? why?

9. Discuss the economic situation in Israel.

10. Are you a member of a youth movement? What can you tell me about youth movements                                    today? In what way are they different from youth movements 30 years ago?

11. What do you know about juvenile delinquency? Why does it exist?

12. What is the youth fashion? Is it different from the fashions of the grown-ups?

13. Tell me about the difficulties that new immigrants face.

14. Would you think of leaving Israel? Why?

15. Would you study without exams? Are exams essential?

16. What do you think about feminism? Are you for or against? Why?

17. What can be done to attract more tourists to Israel? Why is it important?

18. Why is it important to learn English?

19.Are you in favor of or against an oral exam in English?

20. Would you eliminate the matriculations all together?

21. Children nowadays read less than children in the past. What is the reason? Are they less   intelligent? Why?

22. How does TV affect our lives?

23. Have your parents brought you up well?

24. When you are a parent, will you stick to your parents’ methods concerning children’s upbringing?

25. What is a good citizen?

26. What is a good friend?

27. What is a good student?

28. Do you have a boyfriend/ girlfriend? Tell me about him/her.

29. What is your opinion about relations between boys and girls of your age?

30. Do you have a pet? Tell me about it?

31. How do you spend your free evenings?

32. Would you recommend this school to your brother/sister? Why?

33. Why are there so many strikes in Israel?

34. What is success in life?

35. Have you earned any money? How?

36. When did you go to bed last night? Why so early/late?

37. How did you prepare yourself for this test?

38. Do you have grandparents? Do you help them?

39. Would you like to be a teacher?

40. Would you like to be a member of parliament?

41. If you were the principal of this school, what  changes would you make?

42. Tell me about an embarrassing situation you experienced.

43. Have you ever lost/found something. Tell me about it.

44. Tell me about sports at your school.

45. Should old people be sent to old age homes?

46. When is your birthday?

47. Why are there so many drug abusers? Should society help them quit?

48. Tell me about a person you admire?

49. Are you an optimist or a pessimist. Give examples.

50. Are you a happy type? What makes you happy?

51. Is happiness connected with success?

52. When you see a person in trouble, do you tend to help or to keep away from her/him?

53. How do you celebrate your birthday?

54. Did school prepare you for life?

55. What are the good aspects of living in Israel and what are the bad ones?

56.  Are Israeli Jews tolerant of the minorities living here?

57. Should teachers be involved in the personal problems of their students or should they confine themselves to teaching the material?

58. What is the difference between being an Israeli and being  a Jew?

59. What do you know about life in the occupied territories?

60. What are the conflicts between the religious and non-religious sectors in Israel?

61. What is your opinion concerning experiments on animals?

62. Are you for or against mercy killing?

63. Should Arabic be a compulsory subject in high school?

64. Why do some want to do their military service close to their homes, while others want to be on distant bases?

65. Why does music fascinate so many people all over the world?

66. What is your favorite music? Tell me about it.

67. What are the dangers of cable TV?

68. How would you organize a surprise party for your friend?

69. What guidelines would you suggest for choosing a present for someone?

70. What interesting places have you visited?

71. Do you believe in superstitions?

72. Do you think students should wear school uniforms?

73.  What is the weather today? What is your favorite season?

74. Tell me about the person you admire.

Suggested Questions for Project Work  

The following are suggested questions you can choose to ask during the project interaction part of the oral examination:

  • Why did you or your group choose this topic?
  • How did you or your group choose this topic?
  • What interests you about the topic?
  • What was the most interesting thing that you learned about your topic?
  • What new information did you gain from doing the project?
  • What new skills did you learn from doing the project?
  • How did you divide the tasks / work among your group members?
  • Name two sources you used.
  • Where did you find your sources?
  • What did you enjoy about doing the project?
  • What did you find difficult about doing the project?
  • What was the most difficult part of doing this project?  How did you overcome it?
  • What else would you like to know about the topic?
  • What would you have done differently?
  • How did you present your project to your classmates?

Useful Vocabulary for Oral Bagrut

A trip

I visited relatives

I was a member of a delegation to…

We saw the sites

The countryside/park/reserve was inspiring/ unforgettable

To go abroad

To go on a trip to the United States / the Far East / South America / Australia / Europe


A book / A movie

It was fascinating/ exciting/ imaginative / entertaining / surprising/ unique/ impressive/ unforgettable/ boring/ unimaginative

It enabled me to see things from a different perspective

The plot was complex/ subtle/ incredible/ nonexistent

It thrilled me/ left me in suspense/ made an important point

The acting was outstanding/ convincing

The photography was stunning/ imaginative/ glorious


My interests

I'm active in politics/ in a youth movement

I belong to/ am a member of/ am a leader in / am involved in…

I am a volunteer in Magen David Adom...

I have a large collection of coins/ stamps/ tapes…

I'm crazy about cars. I love to drive.

I have a talent for acting/ music.

I play the clarinet/ drums/ electric organ/ flute/ guitar/ violin

I'm in a band/ an orchestra

I'm into rock music/ jazz/ heavy metal/ punk...

I'm a dancer. I take ballet/ folk dancing/ modern dancing

I enjoy going to concerts/ discotheques/ movies/ theatres/dance clubs

I enjoy painting/ cooking/ woodwork/ pottery/ knitting/ sewing…


I like anything that has to do with animals.

I breed/ have/ keep/ raise/ take care of pets.

I like bicycle trips/ go snappeling/ go hiking/ enjoy bird-watching


I'm a sports enthusiast/ fan.

I play basketball/ football/tennis/ volleyball

I attend/ never miss games

I do a lot of deep-sea diving/ gliding/ horseback riding/ (water) skiing

I do aerobics/body-building/ yoga.

I exercise/ jog/ swim/ work out in a gym.

I play chess/ computer games/ video games

I take part in competitions/ races/ tournaments


Military service

I am going to be drafted/ called up on… My draft date is…

I feel it's my duty to serve/ defend my country

I'm a pacifist

I have volunteered for a combat unit.

I have signed up for a pre-service course

I'm doing a year of pre-army voluntary service.

I'm postponing my service because…

I have been accepted to the Academic Deferment Program

I have a high/ low profile

Tank Corps/ Education Corps/ Engineering Corps/ Intelligence Corps/ Naval Commando Unit/ Artillery Corps/ Paratroopers Corps/ Military Police/The Air Force/The Navy/Infantry

I would like to be a commander / officer

Basic training

Current education

I am majoring in / I am studying in the ____________ department:

        Advanced Literature

        Art / Graphic Design


        Business Administration and Management


        Computer Science and Programming

        Media and Communications

        Performing Arts / Drama

        Physical Education




My final project is about....

        I am working on a (documentary) film about ...

        I am building a website about....

        We are putting on the play entitled...... I am the director....I am playing the part of......

        I am creating the logo/business card/billboard/advertising campaign for the _______ company

        The subject of my "biotope" is.....


Further education and career

I hope to do well on my psychometric test

Everything depends on the results of my matriculation exams/ Bagrut

I have to gain more experience in…

I want to study / take a degree in Economics/ Business Administration/Social work/ Medicine/ Law/ Psychology/Engineering/Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy/Education

I want to take a break from studies for a while

I'm interested in/ considering/ thinking about…

I hope to get a scholarship...


o   Army

infantry, navy, intelligence, a paratrooper, an elite unit, artillery, air force, armor\tank corps, a recruit, medical corps,

anti-aircraft, entertainment corps, engineering corps, the military police, a psychological tester, a soldier teacher,

a field school instructor, combat duty/unit, military service, reserve duty, to sign on for, academic deferent program,

to be recruited, to be drafted, the draft board, to take a pre service course, an instructor, duty, obligation,  draft date, basic training,  an officer’s course, national service,  controversy,      

to take a year off, religious, secular, pacifist, a mechanic, a year of service, professional army, to postpone the service, high profile,  


o   Kibbutz\Moshav

communal life, equality, principles,  an allowance,       

a committee, standard of living, branches of work,  the fields,

industry, agriculture, the orchards, a factory, to breed animals, to grow crops, to take care of, social pressure, cultural activities,  a boarding school, to undergo changes, privatization, the chicken houses


o   School

to graduate, matriculation exams/certificate, social activities, levels\streamed classes, subjects, major, I'm majoring in..., 

elective subjects, compulsory subjects,

extra-curricula activities, tight schedule, cultural committee, youth groups/movement, a youth leader, peer-group pressure, high\junior school, staff, principal, final project, regional school, to integrate, inter-disciplinary,

division, disadvantages, learning centers, a home room teacher,

social studies, arts, science, language,

Israel Studies, academic studies, fashion design, art history, communications, report card


o   Spare\Free, Liesure Time\Future Plans

to take\get a license, to have a good time, to go on a trip, to travel overseas, to further my studies, to improve grades,

to take an entrance exam, to complete army training,

to matriculate from school, to go abroad, to hang out with, to watch\view television, hobbies, I have been (verbing),

youth movement, youth leader, values, scouts,

summer camps, to take off a year, a special year,

extra-curricular activity,

o   Delegation to Poland

an integral part, to go on a delegation,      

concentration camps,  torture, survivors, guides,

Jewish identity, awareness of horror and tragedy 

The Oral Bagrut Exam
The exam has 2 parts and each is graded differently according to the following scales:

Rubric for Assessing Oral Social Interaction

Four and Five Points

Winter 2005

 Note: the boxes in red are the target - the best grade

The Extended Interview

Communicative Ability




       Understands questions

       Interacts fluently

       Gives extended answers



       Correct use of complex language structures

       Rich vocabulary

       Comprehensible pronunciation







       Understands questions with some rephrasing

       Interacts with some hesitation

       Gives single-sentence answers



       Correct use of simple language structures

       Basic vocabulary

       Mostly comprehensible pronunciation







       Has difficulty understanding questions; requires frequent repetition and rephrasing

       Interacts with difficulty

       Gives simple phrases and/or single-word answers




       Incorrect use of simple language structures

       Limited vocabulary

       Poor pronunciation





Teac    Teachers can give in-between grades e.g. 10 pts.


Rubric for Assessing the Project Presentation and Interaction

Four and Five Points

Winter 2005

The Project Presentation and Interaction

Project Presentation




Project Interaction


Presentation is well-organized and includes:  introduction, summary of main ideas and conclusion

Presentation is sustained and detailed (talks for about three minutes) 

Personal perspective is included

Presentation is spoken rather than read from notes




Correct use of complex language structures

Vocabulary is topic- related and rich

Comprehensible pronunciation




Understands questions

Gives extended answers

Gives clear explanations all of the time










Presentation is organized but lacks one element

Presentation is adequate but not detailed (talks for about two minutes)

Personal perspective is hardly related to

Presentation is mostly spoken rather than read from notes




Correct use of simple language structures

Vocabulary is topic-related but basic

Mostly comprehensible pronunciation




Understands questions with some rephrasing


Gives single-sentence answers

Gives clear explanations some of the time










Presentation is disorganized

Presentation is short (stops talking after one minute)

Personal perspective is not included

Presentation is read from notes




Incorrect use of simple language structures

Vocabulary is general and basic

Poor pronunciation




               Has difficulty understanding questions; requires frequent repetition and rephrasing

               Gives simple phrases and/or single-word answers

               Gives unclear or no explanations





              Teachers can give in-between grades e.g. 10 pts.

               One grade is given for accuracy that reflects accuracy for both the project

               presentation and the project interaction.

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