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Writing Assessment
Oral Bagrut Exam
Bagrut Exam E-F-G
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Bagrut Assessment


First Semester Assignments

For 13.12.05: 
Summit Workbook:
Finish questions on page 54-55.
Hand in work for page 50
For 1.12:
1. A Cool Collection page 20, hand in answers to questions 1,2,3,4,6.
2. Summit Workbook page 45, exercise C (complete the sentences) - hand in if not handed in yet. 
3. More Module F Pages 24-26 - Complete the answers.
For 22.11:
Summit Workbook: page 44, finish questions 3-10.
For 24.11:
Summit Workbook: Write a plan and an opening and a closing for one of the topics on page 50.
For 15.11:
Summit Workbook: page 29, Ex. D-E  (to hand in!) and page 31, Ex. D.
For 17.11:
More Module F: Finish the questions on pages 22-23
A Cool Collection: Page 14, Ex. B - Answer questions 1, 5, 6, 8, 9

For 3.11:
More Module F
Answer the questions on pages 16-17

For 27.10:
Summit Book: read pages 26-27.
Summit Workbook: answer the questions on page 27.

For 10.10:
Summit Book: read the story on page 24.
Summit Workbook:answer the questions on page 24.

For 6.10:
Summit Workbookread page 22 and answer questions on page 23.

For 29.9:
1. See Writing! Send by e-mail!
2. More Module F: - complete the answers on page 10.

For 26.9:
Summit Workbook:
Page 11 Ex. A, sentences 7-12

For 22.9:
Summit book: read passage D on pages 16-17. Summit workbook: answer 10 questions on pages 13-14 according to passage D.

Previous writing assignments
Hand in 19.12: Choose one of 2 topics:
Write a composition expressing an opinion on a topic on page 51 (WRITING TASK) in Summit Workbook  OR  on page 47 (TASK) in Summit Book.
Hand in 7.11:
You were an eyewitness to an accident in which a motorcyclist was knocked off his bike by a truck and taken to a hospital. Police have asked you to write a report telling what you saw. Write the report.
Other description topics to choose from:
1. Describe an important event in your life.
2. Describe a wedding or another special occasion.
Quiz 11.10
Write a letter of application for the job of a good will ambassador to the USA. The job involves extensive traveling and giving lectures about Israel.
Give details about yourself, education, experience and anything else that is relevant.
Writing a review (Look at Module F pages 5-6 for ideas)
Topic for 29.9 
Write a review for your school magazine of a movie you have seen.
Review the format of a formal letter.
Topic for 19.9
In order to protect people from muggings, purse-snatching and other urban street crimes, the municipality in your town is considering installing surveillance cameras along the main streets.
Write a formal letter to your mayor stating your opinion. Explain why you are for or against surveillance cameras.

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