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10th Grade




IMPROVE YOUR SPELLING! Helpful spelling sites:
LOOK COVER (Interactive)
Spelling Rules (click on each poster to enlarge)
Fun brain (find the wrong word!)

Writing a letter to a friend (or a family member)
The letter plan:
                                 Date (April 19th, 09)
Dear (Gali),
Paragraph 1: Introduction - Polite sentences about the friend's previous letter, his health and yours, etc. Then introduce the reason you're writing, according to the given topic.
Paragraph 2: Body - Tell your friend, in detail, about the given topic.
Paragraph 3: Closing (for example, Looking forward to hearing from you/seeing you/ your visit here, etc.).
GreetingYours/ Love/ Sincerely yours,
Signature: (Daniel)


Here is a short composition by a student:

A Different School Experience

I still remember when I was in elementary school in the second grade in Brazil, when my family decided to move to Israel. As a young girl I didn't know what it meant to live in a strange country, it felt more like a trip. I wasn't as worried as my older brothers, how it would be to meet new people and about the language.

When I got here and started to study in school with Israelis, it was very difficult to make friends. I felt bad, different from the others and it was very hard for me to study, but in time, I started to feel one of them.

The experience taught me that the beginning may be hard, but there is always a way to make it better.

Now I know how it is to feel different sometimes and you can always learn something new from it.

Bruna Zaniolly

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