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12th Grade (4 points)


E-Mail 3

A Passage for A Teens' Magazine

You are a reporter for a teens' magazine in English. You have to write a passage that will interest teens your age.

Each student MUST hand in a Bagrut project!
1. Look at any Teens' Magazine (like Ma'ariv Lano'ar)and Choose a section and a topic that interests you. You can choose from these sections : In The News, Sports, Culture and Art, Movies, Computers, Fashion, Music, Politics, Traveling, Hobbies.
2. Read at least 3 English Internet sites that tell about the topic you chose and sum them up in your own words!
3. Webliography and drafts: write down the name and address of the sites where you found the information. Add all your drafts and Internet printed material to the final project.
4. Deadline: each part must be handed in on time! Your grade depends on it.


Date Submitted: ________

Title of Work: _________________________












No order. No paragraphs. Difficult to follow.

Difficult to follow work because student jumps around.

Student presents information in logical order which reader can follow.

Information in logical, interesting sequence which reader can follow.






Very little information. Student does not  understand the   information.

Student shows  understanding of basic concepts.

Student is at ease with content, but doesn’t elaborate.

Student shows full knowledge and understanding.


Grammar and Spelling


Work has five or more spelling errors and/or grammatical errors.

Work has four misspellings and/or grammatical errors.


Work has no more than three misspellings and/or grammatical errors.

Work has 0-2 misspellings or grammatical errors.





Work is illegible.



Work has three or four areas that are sloppy.

Work has one or two areas that are sloppy.

Work is neatly done.






Work includes only one part.


Work includes only 2 parts.


Work includes only 3 parts.


Work includes all parts.



Handed in


After deadline.

Very late.

Some delay.

On time.








Teacher's Comments:




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