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12th Grade (4 points)


On this page you can find all the information you need for your assignments, such as due dates and guidelines.

Express your opinion:
List of composition topics:
1.  Many Israelis believe that Israel should have a presidential election system, like USA, with only 2-3 political parties. What's your opinion?
2.  Israel's defense budget is enormous, while its education budget is reduced repeatedly. What's your opinion?
3.  Does society treat men and women the same?
4.  Many people think that honesty is the best policy, whereas others believe that little white lies and/or flattery can be very helpful. What's your opinion?
5.  The world belongs to the young. What's your opinion?
6.  In different places around the world, certain breeds of dogs, such as the pit bull terrier, have been banned because it is felt that these dogs have the potential to be killers.
7.  Young Israelis go on long trips abroad after high school or the army service. Are you for or against?
8.  The use of cell phones in public places should be banned. What's your opinion?
9.  Many people feel that the technological advances have not necessarily made us happier people. What's your opinion?
10. Many people become slaves to fashion and its dictates. What's your opinion?
11.  Today youngsters around the world have much more in common than they had in the past.
12.  Some people believe we should not have Bagrut exams at the end of high school, and rely only on the university psychometric exams. What's your opinion?
13. Television: should children watch so much of it?
14.  Chatting on the net: should it be limited for children?

This Week's Assignment

Structure of a composition expressing an opinion:
A.  Opening: Present the topic and express your opinion about it.
B.  Body: give reasons, examples and explanations for your opinion.
C.  Closing: Sum up and repeat your opinion in different words.
Structure for a For or Against composition:
A.  Opening: Present both sides (for and against), without expressing your opinion.
B.  Body: One paragraph for the reasons FOR.
                One paragraph for the reasons AGAINST.
C.  Closing: Express your own opinion.

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