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Princess Diana

By Keren Perounov

A Cover Letter, by Keren Perounov


I have been working on this project for about two weeks. The work on the project was enjoyable to me, especially the part of the research. I didn't enjoy as much summarizing all the information I read and rewriting it in my own words into a shorter version, because it is more difficult for me.

It is harder to think of new words on my own than to read them and enrich my vocabulary with words such as: detractor, preeminent, philanthropy, (to) rivet, unprecedented, procession, nonplussed and martyr. Thanks to the project, I have also improved my English in writing and grammar. As far as meliorating my learning strategies is concerned, I have become more organized with my work, I have found an on-line dictionary which helped me a great deal with finding synonyms when summarizing, I have gained knowledge in self criticism and in telling apart useful from unuseful information. The boundless access to the Internet really did help me with finding much interesting and essential information about Princess Diana. Although the summarizing part was rather difficult, it was also a thing I had to learn to do, so I acquired it as a new skill.

My partner in this project was Tamar Geisman. All in all, working in pairs is something I am used to doing; therefore, it didn't make the process of the project easier or harder. However, I must admit it's a bit frustrating sometimes when I feel as if it wouldn't make any difference if I had the project done independently. I guess that is one of the disadvantages of pair work.

The subject I chose for doing the project is Princess Diana. She was a very well-liked person, worldwide and particularly in the UK, a person who symbolized hope and peace to the masses and whose spirit is still a part of many people's lives. During her lifetime, Princess Diana was a distinguished icon and a role model in many ways – thanks to her noticeable charitable work, her remarkable beauty and her lavishly elegant and refined taste in fashion. The mental and physical suffering she had to put up with through her marriage to Prince Charles made her a subject of the compassion of the majority of mankind. The image of the notable woman, who was nearly nominated for sainthood and who I heard many tales about when I visited Great Britain last summer, aroused my curiosity. I can tell she definitely was a widely appreciated person. Thus, I believe Princess Diana truly deserves the title of "One of the Most Contributive People in the 20th Century".